Connie Johnston

Mrs. Connie Johnston, Principal 1984-1989

Students Interview Former Monterey Principal Mrs. Connie Johnston

by Lexi Barnett

Lexi, Morgan and Madison interviewed Mrs. Connie Johnston. Mrs. Johnston is not shy about her age - she is 67 years old and is currently retired. Mrs. Johnston likes to exercise and ride bikes.

Mrs. Johnston was principal from 1984-1989. At first, she didn’t know that she wanted to be a principal. When she got a call from Monterey she rethought the situation and said, “ Yes!” Mrs. Johnston worked in education for 46 years!

During her time here, Mrs.Johnston built a playground. When she was at Monterey, there was no A.C. and that is something she wanted to change!She also wanted to get more useful technology. 
Our interview with Mrs. Johnston was very interesting and things were sure different when Mrs.Johnston was principal! 

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