Francis Shipley

Mr. Francis Shipley, Principal 1989-1994

Students Interview Former Principal 

Mr. Francis Shipley.

by Madison Gillon

Madison Gillon, Lexi Barnett and Morgan Waterman interviewed former Monterey principal Francis Shipley also known as Frank Shipley.  Right now Frank is 76 years old.

He was principal from 1989 to 1994.
 He is retired and lives in Mansfield, Ohio.  Currently, Frank serves meals at church for homeless people and people with low income.

   Before he was a principal, he was a math teacher for 7th and 8th grade.  Also, he was a principal at Darbydale and wanted a change so he became a principal at Monterey.

    Some of his favorite memories of Monterey are the pranks he played on April Fools Day, a field trip to Ameriflora and taking the 5th grade to a three day camping trip.  At that time 5th grade was still at the elementary schools.

GCR 08 Feb 1990 p5.JPG

During his time

as principal at Monterey, he started the

B.U.G Club: Bring Up Grades Club. This club was for kids who wanted to bring up their grades and do better on school assignments.

Interview team gives Mr. Shipley a tour of the building. Things have really changed since he was a principal at Monterey!

Mr. Shipley stops by to see one of his former students, Mrs. Kelli Donaghue who now teaches at Monterey.

Mr. Shipley's Introduction

Why Mr. Shipley became principal at Monterey

Mr. Shipley remembers some of his favorite things at Monterey
 Projects at Monterey