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Historical News & Events




There have been many events at Monterey Elementary over the years. Some of the memorable events that have made Monterey special are ground breaking ceremonies for both schools, balloon launches, art shows, Spring carnivals, 2nd and 4th Grade music programs, Goodies With Grown-ups, Jump Rope For Heart, Kids invite Someone Special,  Walk-A-Thons, book fairs, skating parties, Halloween and Valentines parties, Spirit Weeks and field days!  

Spring Carnivals have been a popular event at Monterey for several years.  Our wonderful PTAs have made it a fun night for students and their families.  Some of the favorite parts are the cake walks, the games, the prizes and the food.

We have been participating in Jump Rope For Heart for the past 10 years.  Students raise money to fight heart disease by collecting pledges and skipping rope.  The money collected goes to heart disease and stroke research.

A balloon launch took place in October of 1988 with Mrs. Kleiber’s 2nd-3rd class.  They launched balloons for the annual PTA membership drive.  Each balloon had a tag asking the person who found it to write back to the school telling where they found it.  Letters came in from as far as West Virginia.  The students made a bulletin board in the school with a map marking where the balloons have been found.

Goodies with Grown-up began as Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad.  Monterey has welcomed many students and special guests for this breakfast over the years.  These mornings also include our annual Art Show and our famous buy one, get one free book fair.


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Field day is every student’s favorite day of the year!  It is usually held on the last school day of the year.  There are both indoor and outdoor games.  Some are relay races and some are water games.  This year since our field is closed for the construction of our new building.  We will be going to the Big Splash!

2nd and 4th graders present a musical each year for the school and their families.  Students have performed many wonderful shows over the years.

A new school emblem was adopted in 1965. Rodney Crawford, then a 6th grade student at Monterey, designed the emblem with a horse and the words  Monterey Mustangs across the top of a shield.

There have been many memorable events here at Monterey over the years!

This has been Sarah Kelly and Linus Jones reporting.