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Principal Interviews

 Lemoyne Brokaw 1963-1972
 Betty Hurd 1972-1973 
 Veroncia Harmon 1973-1984 
Connie Johnston 1984-1989 
Francis Shipley 1989-1994 
  Philipp Bush 1994-1996 
 Al Drumm  1996-2003 
Jane Ferry  2003-2010 
 Jim LeVally  2010-2012 
Brian Baker  2012-2014 
Marge Moretti     2014- present  

Student Interviews with
 Former Principals
Click on the principal below to view interview clips:

Former Principal, Mr. Brian Baker explains why he wanted to become a principal at Monterey

Mr. Baker

Mr. Baker talks about his favorite memories at Monterey

Mr.Baker's Favs

Mr. Al Drumm's Favorite Memory 
Principal 1996-2003

YouTube Video

Ms. Jane Ferry's Favorite Memory
Principal 2003-2010

Miss Ferry