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Teacher Interviews

Former Teachers Share Their Monterey Memories
Many former teachers have submitted their favorite Monterey Memories via our Research Team's survey. Any former staff members can still post their memories on the Teacher Interview Link.

Mrs. Kim Guinther spent her entire career at Monterey Elementary. She retired in 2014. She is seen here with Mrs. Connie Johnston, former principal.

Mrs. Allie Donoghue has been both a student and teacher at Monterey! 

Mr. Frank Shipley, former principal "re- visits" with his former student,  Allie Donoghue!  

Mrs. Bev Babbert shares her favorite memories of Monterey.  Bev was a classroom teacher, staff development teacher and now, after retiring, a substitute teacher at Monterey!


Many former Monterey teachers have come back to volunteer work at the school.   Seen below is Mrs. Brunken with former principal Mrs. Connie Johnston.

Johnston Brunken.MOV

Mrs. Kleiber's Monterey Memory: Great children with caring parents. Good teachers. When I first started at Monterey the staff-custodians, cooks, teachers and principal, Veroncia Harmon, were close friends. We had to be great at what we did. 
How Teaching Has Changed: We tried new methods -- after training we implemented many.Classroom setup was affected by class size. I always had 32-34 children. When the state set 25 children as the limit I knew I would be able to reach more children! -Shirley Kleiber, 1973-98.

Mrs. Mona Bring Remembers: My fondest memories of Monterey include all of the wonderful children, I also retired from the same room that I was teaching in in 1974, having fun dressing up for all of the Halloween parties, field day fun, all kinds of theme events in my classroom including cooking projects, dressing up as storybook characters, and lots of fun science and learning centers. When I taught first grade I also took my children on a 3 day camping and outdoor education weekend to the Hocking Hills with OSU faculty. 1974-1982, 1991-2013.

Mrs. Sharon Koehler & Mrs. Sandy Burkeen Come Back to Monterey to Meet with the 
Student Interview Team

Mrs. Burkeen taught at Monterey from 1968-1979 and Mrs. Koehler from 1975-1980 until they both moved to Brookpark Middle School.

When at MES.MOV

Mrs.Koehler and Mrs. Burkeen share their scrapbooks, photos and news clippings from when they taught at Monterey. 

No Phys Ed teachers...No music teachers!

Phy Ed & Gym.MOV

Halloween Parties....teachers in costumes!

Halloween Parades.MOV

Schools without Schools!!???

School w/o school.MOV

Cooking in Class

Cooking in class.MOV

Dress Code: No Pants! Other rules....

No pants.MOV

How teaching has changed since the 60' & 70's

How teaching has changed.MOV

Student Research Projects

Student research-costume.MOV