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Class Pictures & Memories

Throughout the 2013-24 school year, The Monterey Project Research Team conducted surveys and collected artifacts from former Monterey students.  Read about their memories of Monterey below. Visit our survey link below to share your Monterey Memories!

Our collection of class pictures is constantly growing. Enjoy looking for yourself, your friends, parents and grandparents! If you have a class picture that is missing from our collection, you can share it by sending an electronic copy to: srz1012@swcsd.us

Class Pics 1966-67

Memories: I was in the choir at Monterey where I first started singing in a group. I worked in the cafeteria to help serve lunch and served as a Saftey Patrol. I remember my classmates were very close and some of us are still friends today. We spent our recess time practing for talent shows which we performed for other students. My sixth grade teacher Mrs. Stevenson taught the girls how to knit during our free time. In science my group built a replica of the Apollo space ships and presented it to our classmates. We learn a lot and had great fun. - Linda Curry Pratt, 1963-66

Class Pics 1971-72

Memories: I remember you could see from the 1st grade end of the hallway where the busses dropped students off all the way to the 5th grade end. We got computers when I was in the fifth grade and they set them up in what was a gym storage closet. They were huge commodore 64s with the black screen and green cursors, no mouse. -Bill Christman, 1980-86
Memories: Everyday I was so excited to go to school. I loved learning, the environment, all my teachers, and all my friends. I dreaded the day when I would have to leave. I still remember painting the wall with the flag of our hand prints to commemorate 9-11.- Chelsea Smith, 2002-07

Class Pics 1982-83

Memories: I remember learning to square dance on the stage in the gym, gymnastics after school and the way they announced the busses at the end of the day (Bus 84, Mrs. Smith (driver) over the intercom).-Tom Richardson, 1971-77
The French toast eggs & hashbrowns-Matthew Chapman, 2007-11

Johnny marzetti and chocolate milk!- Bill Christman, 1980-86

Pizza & no bake cookies- Melissa Johnson, 1978-82

Milk was actually in plastic bags, and we always enjoyed stabbing the straw right into it. -Marita Smith, 1996-2000

Class Pics 1970-71

Memories: I remember coming to school on Halloween in my costume and having a party and walking to Melanie Manor to get candy from the seniors that lived there. After that was gone I remember having Halloween parties after school! In kindergarten Mr. Drumm dressed up as Spongebob!-Chelsea Smith, 2002-07
Memories: I remember 4th grade with Mr. Smith in the portables, the new addition was being built, there was a stage in the gym, putting our hand prints on the gym/café walls in 5th grade. - Olivia Andrews Bunders, 1991-96

Class Pics 74-75

Memories: My favorite was the art teacher, Mrs. Householder. She always showed us the work of famous artists and told us the technique they used when painting. I still remember her favorite artist was Winslow Homer. To this day I can walk into an art museum and identify his paintings right away, all thanks to her teachings.- Kelly Christman Estepp,1976-80
Memories: I remember when the new playground was built and it was SO exciting. We had the map of the United States painted on the black top and we'd play on it at recess. I remember the tether ball poles too!! I remember my kindergarten teacher, Mr Nelson and he was so amazing. I had a great experience at Monterey! - Jenni Kupsky, 1985-91

Class Pics 1983-84

Memories: I loved the school pizza, like most kids I think! I also remember the cooks would sometimes make homemade rolls. Yum!! As 5th graders, we got to help in the cafeteria. I remember rinsing the lunch trays and putting them through the washer. No way kids would be allowed to do that today.-Heather Moore Francek, 1977-83