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The Original Monterey

Monterey Elementary 1963
Monterey Elementary, built in 1963, is pictured below in an architect's drawing. Many men and tons of wheelbarrows full of concrete created the first elementary school in the Monterey Homes neighborhood.

Our Research Team discovered that 
Monterey School was first referred to as 
Dennis Lane School! 

With the original blueprints of the building, the team was able to see where and how the first building was created. 
The Building Structure Team was able to compare old and new blueprints to see where all the changes were over the years. 

Thanks goes to Mr. Mark Waller, SWCS for providing the blueprints!

Portable Classrooms - 1963
Portable Classrooms were needed the first year that Monterey opened its doors due to overcrowding!   The first portables were actually single apartments built next to the school.  


Later, the school district rented space in apartments on the corner of Sonora Dr and LaRosa Dr.
1995-Monterey Gets New Addition

New addition SWCSfiles.MOV

Changes were needed by the time 1995 arrived.  More students, more classrooms and new technologies were demanding new spaces. Below, the Building History Team discovered the original outside wall of Monterey was actually made into a corridor for the new wing of classrooms added in 1995. 
The Team exclaimed, "We can't believe we walked by this wall everyday to go to our classrooms and we didn't know that this was the outside of the original building! This is so cool!"  Other changes over the years included several paint jobs and landscaping outside. The team studied the  building by learning to read the original building blueprints and touring the building looking for evidence of structural differences. The team also used information gathered from many interviews with former principals- Mr. Shipley and Mrs. Johnston located the changes to offices, the library and many classrooms.
Andrew discovered the pealing layers of colorful paints used to highlight the outside school walls over the years including cream, teal, orange and green.

Life in the '60's
The 1960's brought many changes including a new elementary building named Monterey Elementary built in 1963!  Our research team scoured tons of resources to find out what life was like in the sixties.  What was school like? What did children do for fun? What technologies did they have? How was life different?

Research Dream

Lunch Time !!!!

Lunch Menu for students in the sixties was a bit different than it is now! Most popular meal then was the Mock Pizza on a bun! Some of the popular lunch boxes in the '60's included The Jetsons, Flintstones, Barbie and Roy Rogers!
School Clothes....everyone from the 1960's who lived in our area remembers going to downtown Lazarus for school clothes shopping!  It was an event that everyone loved!  Many rode the bus to the downtown store. School had strict dress codes for both students and teachers. Girls had to wear dresses- NO PANTS! The boys wore jeans but no tshirts. Boys shirts always had button-down collars. And it wasn't unusual to see boys wearing a tie on special days!